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The job of your home air conditioner is move heat from inside your home to the outside, thereby cooling you and your home. Air conditioners blow cool air into your home by pulling the heat out of that air. The air is cooled by blowing it over a set of cold pipes called an evaporator coil.

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With the Amana® brand reliable, long-lasting product performance is our top priority. We achieve that goal through superior craftsmanship and world-class manufacturing processes, which help ensure that Amana® brand products are the best we can provide to you. To meet our high standards, our products go through our most rigorous quality-assurance scrutiny.

Amana AC Systems


ASXC18 Up to 19 SEER ASXC16 Up to 16 SEER ASX16 Up to 16 SEER
ASX14 Up to 15 SEER ANX14 15 SEER ASX13 13 SEER

We have been very impressed with all aspects [of the job] – explainations, installation and follow-up! Excellent workmanship – very good program!
The installation team cleaned up at the end of the day. Excellent job – outstanding workmanship.

– Shirlene & Robert A. – Olympia, WA